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Rocco Baldelli The Scout

Jerry Crasnick had a nice piece on Rocco Baldelli’s transformation into a scout.

“He’s as good as it gets,” said Andrew Friedman, the Rays’ executive vice president of baseball operations. “He’s got a really good feel for hitters and different swings, and he brings the perspective of a guy who’s just stepped off a major league field. We’re fortunate he’s chosen to be part of what we’re doing. He really adds to our process.”

Keith Law later added this about Baldelli in his chat (hat tip to SRQMan89 on Twitter):

Nate (KC)

Obviously I’d prefer that he never had the health issues, but I think it’s pretty cool that Rocco Baldelli is now working as a scout for the Rays.

Klaw (1:25 PM)

Met him a couple of weeks ago. Absolutely blew me away. You don’t hear enough about scouting stars but he’s a top prospect in that field.

The Extra 2% is turning former players into hot prospects in the scouting world.

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