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Rosenthal: Rays Contacted Jermaine Dye

Ken Rosenthal reports:

Dye said Thursday he already has been contacted by three teams — the Phillies, Rays and Rockies. Rather than working with an agent, he is representing himself.

Multiple teams also were interested in Dye last offseason, including the Cubs, Brewers and Nationals. But Dye chose not to play and acknowledged he turned down a one-year. $3 million offer from the Cubs.

Jermaine Dye sat out 2010 because he felt becoming a designated hitter was beneath him. This even led his agent to some ridiculous spiel about how defense is overrated and how home runs win games. (Hopefully nobody tells his agent that the Giants led the league in UZR.) As for the talks, they won’t get far if Dye continues to be stubborn because he has no business taking the field. Between 2006 and 2009, Dye had one season with a UZR score better than -20 – that was -18.9 in 2008.

Dye’s bat is a bit overrated too as he’s not much of a weapon versus right-handed. Versus southpaws he’s fierce. Over his last three seasons, he hit for OPS of .894, .917, and .925. At 37-years-old and coming off a full year vacation, one has to wonder about the state of his skills. Have his wrists slowed, is he even in shape, and so on.

Playing him in the outfield daily is a good way to negate his offensive value, but there are ways around that. Dye has expressed a willingness to play first base before and while he’s probably not too good there either it beats him playing right or left field. One has to wonder whether he’d be open to a platoon role, but Rosenthal quotes the man himself as saying he’s in no way taking a minor league deal.

He figures to come cheap which makes it too bad that the asking price is not the biggest or second biggest question about his availability.

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  1. jafrank wrote:

    The only way he comes here is if he is open to fielding the LHP side of a DH platoon. A Johnson/Dye platoon would be something…

    Otherwise, pass.

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