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Rule 5 Notables: Adam Miller

(H/T to friend of the site, Sternfan1 for the concept)

Name: Adam Miller
Organization: Cleveland
Position: RHRP
Age on Opening Day 2011: 26
2010 Stats: None. No 2009 stats either.

Why he’s available: Injuries. Lots of injuries. Lots as in four finger surgeries within the past seven years lots; otherwise known as the reasons he hasn’t thrown a pitch in a regular season minor league game since 2008. Even then, he only appeared in six games, albeit with decent results as a starter in Triple-A.

What he offers: Upside. He has size (6’4”), status (drafted 31st overall in 2003 out of high school), and used to have the stuff (a fastball that touched the upper 90s and a plus-slider) to project as a top of the rotation starter. Now? He’s a reliever best-case in order to minimize wear and tear. The only time he’s appeared in a game this season came during the Instructional Leagues. Per the Indians’ front office, he was hitting 90-91 then. Come spring time there is a legitimate chance he’s back to mid-90s form.

Why he’s probably not worth the transfer fee: He’s been unable to make more than 15 appearances in each of the last four seasons. Maybe he’s due. Or maybe his body is just never going to let him find out what this Major League Baseball thing is all about.

Why he’s probably worth the transfer fee: If nothing else, he seems like someone easily stashed on the disabled list. Problem being that there is a minimum amount of time required for Rule 5 selections to be on the active roster. That number is 90 days, although it can be fidgeted with, as Miller could theoretically make up the remainder during the 2012 season. The catch is that he cannot be optioned down (without being offered back to Cleveland) until accumulating those 90 days. Worth noting: the Rays asked for Miller in exchange for Delmon Young back in 2007, but Cleveland declined.

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