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Rule 5 Notables: Wynn Pelzer

Name: Wynn Pelzer
Organization: Baltimore
Position: RHRP
Age on Opening Day 2011: 24
2010 Stats: 114.1 IP, 103 SO, 63 BB, ~4.5 FIP (Double-A)

Why he’s available: Pelzer struggled with his command and secondary stuff. Traded to Baltimore midseason (for the corpse of Miguel Tejada), Pelzer moved into the bullpen or most of his time in the O’s system and saw his results improve.

What he offers: Kevin Goldstein ranked Pelzer as the Padres’ fifth best prospect entering the season. Here were his strengths:

The Good: Pelzer has two plus power pitches, with a 91-93 mph fastball that gets up to 95 and features heavy sink, as well as a low-to-mid 80s slider with strong two-plane break. His command and control is solid. He’s an intense, highly focused pitcher who is very aggressive, and his mechanics are clean.

His biggest weakness appeared to be the inability to throw a changeup due to arm action issues. That skill set lacuna doesn’t disappear entirely in the bullpen, but it kinda does.

Why he’s probably not worth the transfer fee: Some pitching starved team choosing ahead of the Rays could jump on him. Otherwise, there does not seem to be a legitimate reason against selecting Pelzer.

Why he’s probably worth the transfer fee: The Rays supposedly had interest in Pelzer during Jason Hammel trade talks. That doesn’t mean the interest still exists (or was ever intense) but two seasons removed, it’s hard to imagine the team wouldn’t at least consider a flyer on Pelzer. Especially since his two-pitch arsenal figures to play up out of the bullpen.

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