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Rule 5 Notables: Zechry Zinicola

Name: Zech Zinicola
Organization: Washington
Position: RHRP
Age on Opening Day 2011: 26
2010 Stats: 42.2 IP, 37 SO, 18 BB, ~3.8 FIP (between Double- and Triple-A)

Why he’s available: When the Nationals popped Zinicola in the sixth round of the 2006 draft, they figured he would fly through the system. A college closer (Arizona State), Zinicola has struggled with injuries and bouts of ineffectiveness since impressing in the lower minors. The Nationals have since left him exposed in consecutive Rule 5 drafts.

What he offers: A brand of upside that differs from Adam Miller. He’s profiles closer to a middle reliever than a set-up man or closer, but when he’s right, Zinicola can hit 96 with an inconsistent slider. He throws from a 3/4th arm slot and needs to refine his command. Otherwise, his fastball has some movement on it which shows up in the results as he’s always been able to limit homers (0.5 per nine innings) and get grounders.

Why he’s probably not worth the transfer fee: The above description isn’t uncommon throughout the minor leagues.

Why he’s probably worth the transfer fee: The Rays supposedly liked him enough to consider selecting him last year. Relievers are weird beings, so a sudden breakout isn’t unheard of.

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