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Sam Fuld’s New Look

With Desmond Jennings slated to miss the next two weeks, Sam Fuld figures to shoulder some added burden. Thus making this a good time to examine some of the recent changes to Fuld’s swing.

Some tweaks are observable from the moment Fuld steps into the box and before he begins his load. Fuld no longer closes himself off from the pitch, and has altered his hand position and bat angle:


His foot and bat remain in their altered positions during the load, and he no longer appears to rotate inward as much:


After Fuld swings he’s taken to using a two-hand follow-through, as opposed to the one-handed variety he showed off earlier in the season:


These changes occurred sometime over the past few weeks, as he was using his now-old mechanics to begin July. It’s fitting then, perhaps, that Fuld posted season-high whiff and chase rates in July. His adjustments should, in theory, help him with bat control and perhaps with inside pitches; especially if he was cutting himself off from the ball earlier in the year. Given Fuld’s added load, the Rays are probably more hopeful than usual that the tweaks pay immediate dividends.

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