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Sean Rodriguez – Player Card

These are the things that Sean Rodriguez has done well and what he needs to work on in 2014

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Strengths  2009-2013:

  • Has hit .259/.361/.413 vs LH pitching over 621 plate appearances
  • Has converted 70% of his stolen base attempts
  • Has hit .268/.355/.443 on fastballs, hitting 20 of his 30 homers off fastballs
  • Loves the ball on the inner half: has hit .262/.359/.427 on the inner half
  • Loves to hit from ahead: has hit .302/.460/.589 in hitter counts

Weaknesses 2009-2013:

  • Struggles against righties: Has a career .342 wOBA vs LHP but just a .258 wOBA vs RHP
  • Struggles when down in the count: has hit .178/.202/.255 in pitcher counts
  • Struggles against offspeed stuff: has hit .188/.239/.289 against non-fastballs
  • Poor fit to face RHP with good velocity: Has a .225 wOBA vs pitches >= 95mph from RHP
  • Each component of his .163/.160/.431 slash line on his flyballs in play ranks in the bottom 15th percentile

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