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Sherman: Rays Will Definitely Trade Bartlett

Andrew Friedman has avoided tipping his hand one way or the other publicly. On the other hand, the picture being portrayed in various media reports suggests that he is playing a little game of poker with potential suitors for Jason Bartlett.

According to reports, yesterday, the Baltimore Orioles agreed to send Nolan Reimold to the Rays in exchange for Bartlett. The Rays countered with Reimold AND Alfredo Simon.

Once that deal seemed dead, Jon Heyman suggested the Rays may keep Bartlett after all. Of course, this came after we learned that another trade involving the Orioles – this time with the Minnesota Twins for J.J. Hardy – also looked unlikely.

Now we have an apparent bidding war for Bartlett between the Pittsburg Pirates and San Diego Padres. Joel Sherman of the NY Post says a deal could come tonight with San Diego or Pittsburgh being the destination. Steve Phillips says the Reds are also interested, but money is an issue.

As of now it seems that the Rays will leave Orlando without their 2008 team MVP, but that could change…momentarily.

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