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Site News and Notes

A site note: We’re looking for someone willing to devote, oh, and hour or three a week to data research. The gig does not pay, but will include some benefits – possibly a posting slot, for instance. Some knowledge of SQL would be a plus however it’s not a necessity. If you’re the least bit interested, shoot an email to TheProcessReport at and we’ll try to get back to you within a day or two.

In other site news, we’ve done some shuffling lately, so it’s probably time to update everyone on where they can find us:


A lot has changed in the six months since handing the reins of DRaysBay over to Steve Slowinski. At the time, I didn’t really have a post-DRB writing plan; however, a number of wonderful opportunities and ventures have come my way since then. In addition to TPR and Bloomberg Sports, I am now an MLB Insider for ESPN 1040 Tampa Bay, writing for their website and appearing on their various programs. I am also co-host of “The Insiders Show” which is live on ESPN 1040 am and streaming online every Sunday from 10am-11am. Looking to satisfy my non-Rays writing itch, I recently joined the talented crew over at and will be contributing a few pieces each week. This upcoming season, I will also be doing some work with Jason Collette and J.B. Long for Bright House Sports Network as well. You can find me on Twitter @trancel.


As you may have heard, I am now a member of the Baseball Prospectus team. I grew up reading BPro and the names associated with the brand are impressive – from Nate Silver to Keith Woolner to Kiley McDaniel – really, just a gold standard there. I owe a lot of thanks to Marc Normandin and Ben Lindbergh. I would not be in this position without them. I also still write for Bloomberg Sports. You can find me on Twitter @r_j_anderson.

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