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Sobsey on Chris Archer, Tim Beckham, and Others

Adam Sobsey is always worth your time, but I’d like to point out two pieces in particular worth looking over this weekend.

First is Sobsey’s latest on Chris Archer. Here’s a notable quotable:

One last thing about Archer, another mental issue: he was asked what he had taken away from the two starts he made in Tampa Bay earlier this season, the first two major-league appearances of his life. He pitched pretty well in the bigs. “Before you go up, you think you can compete there,” he said. “And when I came back, Iknew I could compete there. For me, the biggest thing was mental. I didn’t change anything physically. But mentally, I went from thinking to knowing.”

Then there’s a good primer on a number of interesting Durham players—ranging from Tim Beckham and Dane De La Rosa to Leslie Anderson and Cole Figueroa. Beckham has the name brand appeal, so here’s a snippet from his section:

Beckham hit all three of his singles to right field, and he also belted an impressive opposite-field homer on Monday. He’s not struck me as pull-happy anyway, but his opposite-field hitting has seemed to have more authority recently, and he also appears to be very comfortable hitting the ball where it’s pitched. His new stance gives him better balance and more compactness. He has fast hands and a lot of whip in his swing, no matter how he stands in at the plate.

In summation: Read Sobsey.

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