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Sonnanstine’s Rabbit From Hat Ways

By R.J. Anderson //

Today’s first inning:

Roberts walked
Markakis reached on error (Roberts safe at second)
Double steal; both runners are safe
Wigginton strikes out
Scott walks
Jones fouls out
Pie grounds out

The Orioles had a Run Expectancy of 2.05 when Wigginton came up, and somehow they managed to score none at all. This isn’t the first time Sonnanstine has done his best serpent impression. Remember back in Miami earlier this season, Sonnanstine entered with runners on first and third (the tying run on third, mind you) and nobody out. That holds a Run Expectancy of 1.90. The Marlins eventually had runners on second and third with one out – or 1.47 – and scored nada.

Sonnanstine’s average Leverage Index in that game was over six, in this inning it sat just about 1.7. Place that into consideration and the Houdini act in Miami is probably the more impressive display.

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