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Sosbey on Robinson Chirinos’ Defense

I’m beginning to sound like a broken record, but you should have Adam Sosbey on your Google Reader or bookmarks list by now. His latest goes into some detail about Alex Cobb, as well as Cobb’s preference when it comes to catchers:

Also, Cobb talked about Chirinos’s and Lobaton’s shared ability to “stick” low and/or sinking pitches, of which Cobb throws plenty; that is, they get the thumb of their gloves underneath the ball and keep the arm moving up as they catch it, framing the pitch within the strike zone. This has something to do with pure arm strength—imagine catching a 91-mph two-seam fastball without the downward force of the pitch knocking your arm down—but also with technique: They actually practice this. Over and over, I’m reminded of the small but essential skills players must master in order to do their jobs at the major-league (or even minor-league) level.

Jose Lobaton, by the way, won a few Baseball America awards for being the best defensive catcher in the Padres system, so it’s high praise for Chirinos, a newb to the position, to be on his level at any phase of the receiving game.

I’d also recommend Sosbey’s second-most recent post, where he spends considerable time discussing Dane De La Rosa and Jake McGee.

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