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Stark: Farnsworth Available

Monday’s acquisition of Jesse Crain added another layer to the Rays’ forthcoming roster-spot crunch. In time Crain and Alex Cobb will be ready for action, leaving the Rays with two decisions to make. It seems as though Andrew Friedman is already working to solve for one of those roster spots, as he’s made Kyle Farnsworth available in trade, according to Jayson Stark of

Three pitchers who have suddenly been made available that hadn’t been talked about much: Arizona’s Ian Kennedy and J.J. Putz, and Tampa Bay’s Kyle Farnsworth.

Farnsworth is the logical choice to lose his spot. He seldom pitches as it is, and his unclear role would be further obscured with Crain’s addition. Factor in his pending free agency and shaky performance (save a recent run of strong surface numbers) and there’s no great argument for keeping him at the cost of a useful arm like Cesar Ramos or a superior veteran arm like Jamey Wright.

Of course the Rays are in an enviable position with a deep assortment of late-inning relievers. Other teams are not as fortunate. Add in Farnsworth’s cheap cost, bevvy of experience in various roles, and likely small asking price, and another team might see fit to give him a chance to pitch more consistently in the middle innings.

Were the Rays to keep Farnsworth then he might not be out of the neck of the woods yet. The seeds were planted earlier in the year for Farnsworth to head to the disabled list with a strained forearm. He made a quick recovery, but it’s possible the issue pops up again just in the nick of time.

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