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Rays Select Blake Snell at 52

Despite being 6-foot-4 and 190 pounds, supposedly Blake Snell might not have much more room to add weight to his frame. According to a Baseball America tweet, Snell’s fastball sits 88-to-92 and touches 94. His secondary pitches need work and BA’s scouting report suggests he could be signable because he hasn’t qualified academically for college.

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  1. pudds77 wrote:

    How does an 18 year old who is 6’4″ 180 (not 190) not have room to add weight to his frame? With a diet, training and professional coaching he will easily get to 200 or even 220. And this year he sat 91-93 not your 88-92. If you were there every time he pitched you would know! And his curveball is above average, with a lot of bite. His changeup is fine, and he has a lot of deception. If you really read up on him you would find that he is compared to Jon Lester and is the best arm to come out of WA state since Tim Lincecum. He racked up 128 K in 63 IP (2.03 K/IP) . He only walked 29 IP I don’t care where you are from or who you are facing that is insane. By the way he struck out 19 batters in a game, that is 19 of the 21 outs needed in a 7 inning game… I really think you got a steal on this one he is going to have a great career .

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