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Rays Add Frank De Los Santos to 40-Man Roster

Every winter the Rays add a player to the 40-man roster that was not on the radar. Nevin Ashley, Stephen Vogt, and Dane De La Rosa took honors in the past. This year it’s undersized southpaw Frank De Los Santos.

De Los Santos, soon 25, split the season between Montgomery and Durham. He completed 81 innings and boasted a 2.04 strikeout-to-walk ratio. His fastball is lively and can touch the mid-90s. But the blemish on De Los Santos has always been lackluster secondary stuff. It isn’t obvious that De Los Santos has improved in that regard, as Adam Sobsey lamented about his fastball infatuation during the season. Despite mediocre strikeout rates, De Los Santos has posted solid groundball rates, and has the reputation for challenging hitters.

Unless something has clicked for De Los Santos with his secondary offerings, the best you can hope for is that he develops into a situational reliever. He’s likely to begin next season in Durham.

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