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The Rays Designate Hideki Matsui for Assignment

In Godzilla Takes the Bronx, Jean Afterman—then the Yankees vice president—says about Hideki Matsui, “He manages to keep his sanity when there’s insanity around him.”

A lot of insanity has been around Matsui lately. Things started well enough. Matsui homered twice during his first week with the Rays and added a double a week later. From there on, Matsui would not record another extra-base hit. He would strike out more than he reached base, and score as often as he hit into a double play. Matsui didn’t play well, and lately, he didn’t play at all.

Faced with few other options, Joe Maddon kept turning to Matsui, and Matsui kept making outs. There’s a stat floating out there that goes something like: Matsui has made the final out in a game seven times. It’s a trifling number—what matters is that he made outs, not that he was the 27th out or the 26th out—but it sums up the Matsui era.

Yet, through it all—the benching, the booing, the ineffective play—Matsui didn’t lash out or make excuses. He went about his business like he expected to turn things around. You don’t have to like Matsui and you don’t have to pretend Matsui helped the Rays—he didn’t. But you have to give him this: He acted like a professional.

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  1. Like a professional piece of worthless garbage.

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