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Rumor: Rays Watching Marco Scutaro

This isn’t a rumor so much as a note. It comes via Troy Renck of the Denver Post:

Marco Scutaro remains the most likely player to be dealt. The Nationals, who lost shortstop Ian Desmond for a month, were watching at Chase Field, along with the Rays and others. Scutaro has $2.3 million remaining on the final year of his contract and is appealing because he can play shortstop and second base — and he has experience in both leagues.

Scutaro is in the midst of a down season—an odd sentence to type given his Colorado residency. In some ways, Scutaro might remind you of Jeff Keppinger. He’s a contact-orientated batter who rarely strikes out. Scutaro doesn’t offer much as a stolen base threat, but he can provide value as a baserunner by taking the extra base. If the Rays were to acquire Scutaro, he’d presumably move back to shortstop.

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