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Tampa Bay Rays Sign Chris Carter to a Minor League Deal

Such is being reported by Rob Castellano of Amazin Avenue. Castellano writes that he confirmed the news with Carter’s agent and the site itself is often reliable, so I’m inclined to trust it on this one.

Chris Carter is a 28-year-old left-handed outfielder from Stanford University. Most recently, Carter was part of the New York Mets system, although he’s been a part of multiple organizations throughout his career. Drafted by the Arizona Diamondbacks, he was traded to the Washington Nationals for reliever Emiliano Fruto in 2007, but the Nationals then traded him to the Boston Red Sox for Wily Mo Pena. In 2009, the Red Sox traded him to the Mets in the Billy Wagner deal and Carter has remained since.

In limited big league action (206 plate appearances), Carter has hit .263/.316/.374. It’s hard to draw anything from that small of a sample size and even harder to make much of his platoon splits. Although, it is worth noting that only 10 of those plate appearances came against left-handed pitchers; suggesting the Mets did not feel comfortable with Carter facing any lefties. What makes Carter interesting is his minor league track record. In more than 2,300 Triple-A plate appearances he’s hit .305/.373/.499 and demolished the International League over the last three-plus seasons; including a 2010 line of .336/.390/.611. Those numbers are unlikely to translate wholly, but provide reason to believe that Carter could offer more than his major league numbers suggest.

Carter isn’t much of a fielder, even in the corners, and labrum surgery has all but zapped his throwing ability. It’s not clear if the Rays see him as an outfielder or a first baseman, but he’s likely headed for Durham along with another offseason addition, Russ Canzler.

One last thing, according to Eric Simon, also of Amazin Avenue, Carter received the nickname “The Animal” from former Mets manager Jerry Manuel due to the extraneous work he put in during spring training.

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