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Tampa Bay Rays Sign Russ Canzler

From Matt Eddy of Baseball America:

#Rays signed 24-year-old 3B Russ Canzler, who hit .287/.372/.566 with 21 HR, 28 2B for AA Tennessee in #Cubs system. No AAA experience yet.

A 30th round pick in the 2004 drat, Canzler is actually from the Hazleton area. Presumably he can hold his own in a discussion on the scenery with Joe Maddon if he ever gets the chance. I don’t know much else about him other than he seems wont to walk (over 11% for the second straight season) and the power really came last year (.279 ISO), his second at the Double-A level. He seems primed to start in Triple-A.

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  1. Matt wrote:

    I probably shouldn’t be as anxious as I am, but that overall stat line from last year is incredibly appealing considering our first base options.

    The power surge is interesting and I hope it carries over to Triple-A, along with the walk rate. But I’m just waiting for a nice reality check (.332 BABIP).

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