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Tampa Bay Rays Win 2010 American League East Championship

A lot will be written about how they “backed in” to it with a disappointing final week of the season, but they did it. The little engine that could keeps on going: the Tampa Bay Rays have won the American League East Division title for the second time in three years.

Winning any division is baseball is special, but when you consider the payroll and resource disadvantage the Rays face, it makes this accomplishment all the more impressive.

With this the Rays will open the Division Series at home against the Texas Rangers and hold homefield advantage throughout the AL postseason. That’s right, the road to the World Series goes through the non-baseball town of Tampa Bay once again.

Many will look at the way the team has played this past week as cause for concern. But there have been plenty of articles from very smart people suggesting momentum means little in the MLB Playoffs – which often tends to be a crapshoot.

Some will say the Rays shouldn’t celebrate this division title too hard, but why not? Regardless of who stays and who goes, this will be the only time THIS team can celebrate their accomplishments. The same Red Sox’s who helped us today have won just one division title in the past 15 years. Moments like these don’t come too often, so I say live it up fellas. Regardless of that happened this last week, you played 162 games better than any other team in the American League. I call that earning it.

Call them inconsistent. Call it “backing in” to a division title, but call them 2010 AL East Champions. 

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