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Team Rankings: After Two Weeks

I’ll spare you from having to read a whole lot of written words in this series, but you do deserve some background, because you’re so worth it. The team rankings throughout this series will be based on my twOBA* research with this serving as a good enough primer. This batch considers data through 4/14/18. I would highly recommend opening most of the images in a new tab for an easier viewing experience.



Here you will find each team’s offensive output ranked by their xwRAA for all plate appearances. You’ll notice a substantial shortfall in offensive production on balls in play compared to expectations most likely due to inclement and downright terrible weather that has affected virtually every team. This should correct over the course of the season.

We can also look at that performance versus lefties (on the left) and righties (on the right).


We can also look at the pitchers through this same lens, but adjusting the formulas enough that positive xwRAA & xwRC+ is still preferred. I’ve also adjusted the color scheme to continue the notion that green is good and red is not.

This can also be broken out for pitchers versus lefties (on the left) and righties (on the right).


Adding up the offensive and pitching performances for each team you get a power ranking of sorts. Being so early in the season with such a limited set of data so far you don’t want to go too overboard here, but this is as good of a look at real performance for teams to this point as you’re likely to find, so I hope you enjoy.