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Thank You, Eric Hinske

Eric Hinske is one of the most important players in franchise history. As weird as that may sound consider that Evan Longoria credits Hinske’s guidance as a factor in his decision to sign his first extension:

“He told me don’t pass up the chance to make your first fortune,” Longoria recalled with a smile. “I trust everything he says and I definitely took that advice.”

And then consider this quote, from a recent piece on Matt Moore’s extension:

“I think a lot of people thought he was going to be a pacesetter or a standard-bearer in his arbitration years,” Marty Moore said. “And he was coming under some pressure from people who didn’t even know him. But it’s hard to turn down your first fortune.

Longoria claims he talked with Moore about the extension within the same piece. Either Hinske and Moore’s father use the same terminology, or Hinske played a part in the Longoria and Moore extensions. I’m hoping for the latter.

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