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The 2011 Draft is Nearly Upon Us

In a few hours, the 2011 MLB draft will begin. Consider this the introduction and central hub.

The picks

First round
24 (Carl Crawford)
31 (Rafael Soriano)

Sandwich round
38 (Rafael Soriano)
41 (Carl Crawford)
42 (Grant Balfour)
52 (Brad Hawpe)
56 (Joaquin Benoit)
59 (Randy Choate)
60 (Chad Qualls)

Second round
75 (Grant Balfour)

Third round

The Draft Map

Josh Frank created this–a graphic showing where the other Rays draft picks under Harrison have stemmed from–it’s a neat graphic, but I’m not sure it holds much in the way of predictive power (for a full view, click here):

However, it does provide a nice segue to …

The scouts

Something we try to do yearly is give the amateur scouts as much credit as possible. The unfortunate reality is these guys, as important as they are to the present and future success of the franchise, are cloaked in anonymity. The scouting process includes checks and balances, so ultimately there are folks other than the scouts (and other than the crosscheckers) making the selections, but it’s worth pursuing whenever you can appreciate the relentless work and dedication put into the draft by the scouting department.

Courtesy of the Rays media guide, here are the fulltime scouts and their areas of supervision:

Tim Alexander – CT, MA, ME, NH, NY, RI, ME, E. Canada
James Bonnici – IN, OH, KY, MI, N. TN
Evan Bannon – FL, Puerto Rico
Tom Couston – IA, IL, MN, WI
Rickey Drexler – AR, LA, MS, SW, TN
Jason Durocher – AZ, CO, Las Vegas, NM, U
Brian Hickman – KS, OK, MO, ND, NE, SD
Milt Hill – AL, G, N. FL, S. TN
Paul Kirsch – AK, ID, MT, OR, WA, WY
Brad Matthews – NC, SC, E. TN
Robbie Moen – SW. CA
Brian Morrison — N. CA, NV
Pat Murphy – TX
Jake Wilson – SE. CA, HI
Lou Wieben – D.C., DE, MD, NJ, PA, VA, WV
Rocco Baldelli and Dave Eiland

If there is a scout here that everyone should be able to name (besides Baldelli and Eiland), it’s Kirsch, who had several players selected in the early stages of the last draft (Josh Sale, Drew Vettleson, Ryan Brett, and Ian Kendall). It’s also worth dapping the crosscheckers—Tim Huff, Jeff Cornell, Kevin Elfering, Fred Repke, and Ken Stauffer—as well as countless others. Oh, and R.J. Harrison is basically the most important decision maker in the organization for the next few days as well.

The content

Over the past month or so, we have covered a variety of mock drafts, scenarios, and players in anticipation for this day. Here are the 14 players we covered. We were operating off mock drafts, guesses, and speculation, so there is no guarantee the Rays end up with any of these players—by extension, they could wind up with multiple players from the list just as easily.

Roman Quinn
Dan Vogelbach
Josh Osich
C.J. Cron
Granden Goetzman
Jonny Eierman
Trevor Story
Kolten Wong
Jose Fernandez
Brandon Nimmo
Matt Purke
Brian Goodwin
Joe Ross
Levi Michael

The former Rays picks

And finally, there are a number of players in this draft who were picked by the Rays in previous drafts. Here are the notable ones:

87. Kyle Gaedele OF Valparaiso (yes, he is related to Eddie Gaedel)
156. Austin Wood RHP University of Southern California
175. Sam Gaviglio RHP Oregon State
NR Ryan Carperenter LHP Gonzaga
NR Brandon Meredith OF San Diego State University
NR Brandon Magee OF Arizona State University
NR Jordan Leyland 1B UC Irvine
NR Chris Matulis LHP University of Central Florida
NR Kramer Champlin RHP Arizona State University
NR Royce Bolinger OF Gonzaga
NR Kyle Hunter LHP Kansas State University
NR Greg Williams LHP Marshall University
NR Phil Pohl C Clemson
NR Kash Kalkowski UT Nebraska

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