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The Advanced Process: Collin McHugh

In an attempt to provide more regular, streamlined coverage we are revamping The Process Versus series to include “The Advanced Process”: a look at an upcoming player or pitcher using a less formal “stream of consciousness” approach in hopes of making it easier on the writer and more palatable to the consumer. As always, keep in mind these are casual observations of amateur eyes and not professional scouting reports.

Collin McHugh
RHP Houston Astros

Velocity – 90-94 mph
Typical location – arm-side and up
Notes – will climb the ladder to change levels following a pitch low in the zone especially with two strikes.

Velocity – Mid-80s
Typical location – arm-side and down with little control
Notes – fourth option used almost exclusively versus left-handed batters.

Velocity – Mid-to-upper-80s
Typical location – down and away to right-handed batters or in on lefties. Will hang up in the zone.
Notes – Equal usage regardless of hand. Strike generator.
Swing-and-miss pitch when located down and away but will hang in the zone on occasion glove-side and up. Can be hit in this area. Slightly ahead of curveball in overall use. Go to secondary option in even counts or behind including with three balls. Not afraid to start plate appearance with it.

Velocity – Low to mid 70s
Typical location – sweeps across the plate glove-side and down versus right-handers, but can backdoor it against left-handed betters.
Notes – Equal usage among hands. Put away pitch of choice with two strikes. Over the top movement. Can command it as a sweeper v. rhb away as well as shorter break on outside corner v. lhb. Will put it in his pocket when behind but will also use on first pitch. Appears to raise vertical release slightly when throwing.

Slider release:


Curveball release:


Three-quarter slot most of the time. Looks higher on curveball. Overhand delivery from windup. Decent posture.

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