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The Chrome-Free Logan Forsythe

Logan Forsythe is likely to enter the season without much fanfare, having time the past two years while playing with a west coast team that seldom draws national media attention, yet he’s a good fit for Tampa Bay’s roster.

Although Forsythe lacks sizzle—or chrome, to borrow Joe Maddon’s parlance—he brings a broad assortment of skills to the park. By now everyone knows about his defensive versatility, and how he’s played across the infield and outfield. How the Rays divvy his defensive assignments remains to be seen, however, his arm strength is an asset at second base. Presumably, the Rays will use him at second base or in the corner outfield, depending on where Ben Zobrist and Sean Rodriguez are stationed, but an interesting wrinkle is whether they use him here and there at designated hitter, as a way to keep him healthy.

What stood out while watching Forsythe is his offensive game, which is better than his recent numbers suggest. While he seldom offers at the first pitch, it’s not due to passivity. Rather, he’s a disciplined hitter who commands the strike zone and understands how pitchers are working him. Forsythe makes plenty of contact—albeit not at a Jeff Keppinger level—and lives to take balls to left-center field. There’s more power in his bat than anticipated, and he should record a fair amount of hard-hit doubles. Likewise, no one should sell Forsythe short on speed, as he’s a solid runner, capable of swiping a few bases with efficiency.

If Forsythe stays healthy, the talent is there for him to enjoy a nice bounce back season. Added to Brad Boxberger and Matt Andriese—whose sinker, curveball, splitter arsenal should give him a future as a back-end starter—the Rays could have three solid, if unspectacular players from last week’s trade contribute to the 2014 roster.

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