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The Cost of In-Season Moves

Consider this next-level analysis on two moves that most people will forget about by April. Chad Qualls and Brad Hawpe came and went — with Hawpe apparently closing in on a deal with the San Diego Padres — but what they leave behind is a pretty wild return on investment:

Chad Qualls’ playing value added: $0.5M
Brad Hawpe’s playing value added: $0.0M
Draft pick compensation (supplemental for Qualls): $2.6M
Draft pick compensation (supplemental for Hawpe): $2.6M

Total: $5.7M

Value of Matt Gorgen (by labeling him a Grade C pitching prospect older than 22): $1.5M
Brad Hawpe’s salary (prorated minimum): $0.12M
Chad Quallls’ salary (prorated): $1.8M

Total: $3.42M

Net: $2.28M
ROI: 67%

That’s the beauty of acquiring Type B free agents for peanuts.


  1. I. Welsh Art wrote:

    Just throwing it out there, but what would be your opinion on the Ray’s acquiring Lastings Milledge for a outfielder with experience?

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