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The End

When we started this site about a year ago, the thought was it would be an outlet for ideas, but not something we updated frequently. It became the latter, and recently it’s become a bit of a burden. Everyone on staff has other obligations, and those often take precedent over writing. So, as of tonight, we’re going to close the doors here, because sometimes you just have to admit something isn’t worth continuing, and right now, it’s difficult to justify keeping this place active.

I’d like to personally thank everyone who read the site or worked on it—Josh Frank and the writers in particular, as they did much work for too little reward. I’d guess you might see a writer or two from here pop up elsewhere, but otherwise, feel free to follow the staff on Twitter. I believe Tommy will continue to do his ESPN 1040 assignments, and Chris along with myself can be found at Baseball Prospectus.

Otherwise, we’ve had fun. Hopefully you did too.


  1. budman3 wrote:

    Sad,….wish more people would have responded to some of the topics posted here. It served as another vehicle other to express opinions in a different setting than DRB

  2. Thanks for the great pieces on the Rays from you guys over the years both here and your previous posts. Good luck with your writing careers, and please visit with guest pieces at DRB from time to time.

  3. buccityboy wrote:

    Sad news. This was probably my favorite source for Rays’ analysis. Best of luck in the future gentlemen.

  4. mattc286 wrote:

    Well, I had to create a wordpress account to post this, but it needed to be said. I’m really sorry to hear this. I know you guys don’t get paid for this one, so I’m sure it’s difficult to find the time to post, but I’ve always enjoyed everything you guys have written. I’ve gained a better understanding of the game and the Rays’ philosophy, and it’s due to you. Good luck with all ya’ll do in the future, and I’ll definitely be following ya’ll elsewhere. Any plans for these articles to be archived for a time?

    • R.J. Anderson wrote:

      The domain expires soon, but I think the archives will remain–just at

  5. Harrison wrote:

    This really makes me sad. I’m not a Rays fan, but found the articles here written on such an amazing level. It made it a lot of fun to read. Best of luck to you all in your future endeavors.

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