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The Other Matt Wieters Plate Appearance

In Tuesday’s game Matt Wieters hit a first-inning home run to put the Orioles up 2-0. Wieters wasn’t done giving David Price grief, however, as later in the game the draft class peers had a 13-pitch plate appearance.

The causes for Price’s struggles were on display during his second battle with Wieters. He showed an inability to command his fastball as well as the ineffectiveness of his secondary offerings:


Wieters’ day at the plate served as a microcosm for his career numbers against the Rays when he bats right-handed. In 55 previous plate appearances, Wieters owns a robust .484 wOBA against the southpaws the Rays have thrown his way ranging from Price to Brian Shouse. It hasn’t made much of a difference because of Wieters’ plate coverage and plate discipline skills.

The chart below shows the pitch location and results. Price threw eight fastballs to Wieters: three for balls, two for called strikes, and three of them were hit foul. Price tried two cutters and two breaking balls but Wieters spoiled off each attempt as well. Price only threw one changeup in the at bat, perhaps a bit gun shy after the previous at-bat when Wieters turned a changeup into a souvenir.


These were the types of plate appearances that Price struggled with in his younger days when he lacked the confidence and command of his secondary pitches. And these are the types of plate appearances that Wieters seems to put up against the Rays all too often.

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