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The Plan for Jake McGee and Brandon Gomes

The wonderful Adam Sosbey has a new post up about the Bulls, and it features some frankness from two relievers on what they were told to work on:

Obviously, McGee was commanded to throw a faster fastball! But also, he needs to work on throwing his slider for strikes. Right now, it’s an out-pitch, something he throws to right-handers, mostly, out of the strike zone, in order to get them to swing and miss. But if he can bend it in over the inside part of the plate to lefties, and also back-door it over the outside corner to right-handers, he’ll really have a weapon.

Gomes was told that he needs to be able to get lefties out, and to that end his splitter is the key. Look for more of that pitch. Also, Gomes said, the Rays want him to do a better job of holding runners on base.

The Gomes bit caught my eye, because I’ve wondered if he would have problems with lefties in the past. As for McGee, it’s a little terrifying to think what he can become should he improve his slider control like requested. Anyways, if you care at all about the happenings in Durham, I would recommend adding Sosbey to your Reader feed or bookmarks as he always brings good information and tidbits to the table.

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