The Podcess Report – Episode 4 | The Process Report

The Podcess Report – Episode 4

Toby and Jason discuss Sean Rodriguez, Shelley Duncan, Ryan Roberts, what may happen when Luke Scott returns, and the changes Roberto Hernandez has made so far this season.


  1. The only reason Sean Rodriguez should have gone down is if he continued to hit vs LHP like he did the first 15 games and his stay should have only been 10 games to get his swing going. He got his swing going vs LHP and doesn’t need the time.

  2. or should I say “hit LHP” the way he hit overall the first 15 games.

    Rays bench w/o a DH type is putrid. Why the Rays continue the versatile approach is one of the worst parts of the team roster construction. Hideki Matsui and Shelley Duncan should not be compared in any way shape or form.

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