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The Process Versus Adam Dunn

Adam Dunn is impossible to ignore in the White Sox lineup. Even though his batting average often hovers at the Mendoza Line, his power has always been able to change the direction of a game, as he did the last time Jeremy Hellickson faced Chicago, on April 28th.

Coming into Friday’s game, Dunn was hitting 290/.403/.636 while striking out just 21 percent of the time since June 1. That strikeout rate is a dramatic improvement from his career 35 percent strikeout rate and some of that is related to, in his words, “blowing up his mechanics,” back in late May as he told ESPN’s Buster Olney. Dunn’s incredible success of late has little impact on how the Rays approach the slugger; as Joe Maddon stated in his pre-game interview with the media:

Hellickson faced Dunn three times in last night’s start and needed just 14 pitches to  hand Dunn a hat trick on the evening. Hellickson threw mostly well-located fastballs to Dunn along with a handful of change-ups catching Dunn looking once and swinging at strike three twice.

strike-zone (12)

Matt Moore and the Rays strategists will need a different approach in today’s game as Moore rarely throws his change-up to same-handed hitters, preferring instead to attack them with fastballs and breaking balls. Moore has had a lot of success in his major league career with that approach, but Dunn has a long history of punishing pitchers that miss with those pitches out over the plate. Something will give on Saturday.

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