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The Process Versus Blue Jays Hitters

J.P. Arencibia* Right .535 .929
Jose Molina Right .511 .642
Juan Rivera Right .850 .719
Adam Lind Left .608 .884
Edwin Encarnacion Right .889 .746
Aaron Hill Right .720 .753
John McDonald Right .649 .614
Mike McCoy* Right .705 .345
Yunel Escobar Right .696 .765
Jayson Nix Right .714 .640
Travis Snider Left .669 .784
Rajai Davis Right .743 .699
Jose Bautista Right .884 .843

*Career numbers
These tables all exclude 2011 stats

(Favors means the split is +/- .020 points)
Matchup favors LHP: Arencibia, Molina, Lind, Hill, Escobar, Snider
Matchup favors RHP:  Bautista, Davis, Nix, McCoy, McDonal, Encarnacion, Rivera
Matchup is a push: N/A

Entering Thursday’s games, the Rays and Jays had the same amount of home runs, yet in a startling twist, the Jays had roughly 20 more bases on balls. This is disheartening on many levels, mostly because I cannot mock their offense for being one dimensional, at least not relative to the Rays.

Also, Aaron Hill is likely to miss this series, as Chris Woodward–yes, the former Met–was promoted to take Brett Cecil’s spot on the roster yesterday.

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