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The Process Versus Indians Pitchers

Josh Tomlin

Tomlin’s 2.43 earned run average may appear intimidating, but he profiles as a lamb in lion’s clothing. A short righty, Tomlin tosses like it, with a sub-90s fastball and an assortment of secondary pitches. Pounding the strike zone and avoiding the long ball are keys to Tomlin’s survival, in a sense, he is a bit like Andy Sonnanstine, who will oppose him on the mound.

Carlos Carrasco

A piece from the Cliff Lee trade, Carrasco has started putting together some his potential over the last two seasons, as he has tallied 12 starts, 73 2/3 innings pitched, 56 strikeouts, 23 unintentional walks, and allowed seven home runs. He tosses a curve and changeup, so that righties (969 OPS) have beat him up while lefties (781 OPS) struggle is no surprise.

Justin Masterson

Formerly a Red Sox reliever, Masterson is all about groundballs and sinkers. His arm slot has led to issues with southpaws in the past, creating conversation over whether he will return to the bullpen sooner than later. More than 60 percent of Masterson’s batted balls have been of the groundball variety.

Pitcher Throws LHOPS RHOPS
Chris Perez Right .744 .599
Rafael Perez Left .782 .728
Joe Smith Right .950 .581
Tony Sipp* Left .755 .718
Vinnie Pestano* Right .875 .408
Chad Durbin Right .812 .636
Justin Germano Right .701 .788

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