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The Process Versus Marlins Hitters and Pitchers

Anibal Sanchez

After years of tantalizing potential overshadowed by injuries, Sanchez is now a perpetual no-hitter threat. Sanchez already has one complete game this season and is fanning more than a batter per inning pitched. He has a low-90s fastball, a slider, a change, and even a curveball and doesn’t seem to mind who faces him—impressive, considering struggles against left-handers earlier in his career.

Javier Vazquez

Tommy recently covered Vazquez for FanGraphs. The short version: He isn’t doing so hot and may not recover.

Josh Johnson

The last time the Rays encountered Johnson, he went eight-strong, striking out nine, walking none, allowing one home run, and watching as the Marlins won 8-to-2. Johnson is an absolute monster with a fastball averaging around 94 miles per hour and a wipeout slider to boot. The Rays are probably going to struggle with Johnson unless his control is off, but that goes for just about every team in the majors.

Pitcher Throws LHOPS RHOPS
Leo Nunez Right .688 .721
Ryan Webb* Right .861 .594
Mike Dunn* Left .569 .771
Brian Sanches Right .682 .666
Randy Choate Left .495 1.008
Ed Mujica Right .772 .727
Burke Badenhop Right .773 .665
Chris Coghlan Left .769 .804
Hanley Ramirez Right .806 .953
Logan Morrison* Left .926 .797
Gaby Sanchez Right .928 .746
Greg Dobbs Left .488 .723
Mike Stanton* Right .644 .892
John Buck Right .863 .705
Omar Infante Right .735 .777
Brett Hayes* Right .683 .694
Wes Helms Right .772 .590
Osvaldo Martinez* Right .771 .895
Emilio Bonifacio Both .684 .592
Scott Cousins* Left 1.100 .727

*Career numbers

These tables all exclude 2011 stats

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