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The Process Versus Orioles Hitters & J.J. Hardy

Player Name   BAT    LHOPS  RHOPS

Brian Roberts SH     811    804

Nick Markakis LH     797    853

Derrek Lee    RH     872    848

Vlad Guerrero RH     832    850

Adam Jones    RH     665    796

Luke Scott    LH     782    867

Mark Reynolds RH     932    771

Matt Wieters  SH     622    766

J.J. Hardy    RH     756    737

Jake Fox      RH     593    796

Robert Andino RH     644    595

Cesar Izturis SH     649    569

Felix Pie     LH     627    748

(Three-year samples used when possible)
*Career numbers because of small sample size in recent years

(Favors means the split is +/- .020 points)
Matchup favors LHP: Markakis, Jones, Scott, Wieters, Fox, Pie
Matchup favors RHP: Lee, Reynolds, Andino, Izturis
Matchup is a push: Roberts, Guerrero, Hardy

Analysis after the jump…

Not much has changed since the Rays went into Baltimore last weekend and completed a three-game sweep of the Orioles. Meanwhile, Baltimore’s shortstop position has been upgraded. On Tuesday, the team activated starting shortstop J.J. Hardy (oblique) from the 15-day disabled list. In a limited sample size (12 games), Hardy has been a difficult out for Tampa Bay. Without their top two pitchers throwing in this series, it will be up to Jeremy Hellickson, Wade Davis, and Andy Sonnanstine to keep Hardy off the bases.

Despite his OPS split showing push, the Rays’ right-handed trio holds a bit of an advantage. In his seven-year career, Hardy has been an effective hitter against both sides, but more so against left-handed pitchers. Historically, he struggles with fastballs and has difficulties catching up to right-handed breaking balls and changeups. This sets up as a favorable matchup for Hellickson, who has a good curveball and a devastating changeup. There may be a slight chance for the Rays align their defense a little differently against Hardy; playing the first baseman off the line and towards the hole between first and second.

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