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The Process Versus Orioles Hitters

Back to Birdland…
Player Name   BAT    LHOPS  RHOPS

Brian Roberts SH     811    804

Nick Markakis LH     797    853

Derrek Lee    RH     872    848

Vlad Guerrero RH     832    850

Adam Jones    RH     665    796

Luke Scott    LH     782    867

Mark Reynolds RH     932    771

Matt Wieters  SH     622    766

Jake Fox      RH     593    796

Robert Andino RH     644    595

Cesar Izturis SH     649    569

Felix Pie     LH     627    748

(Three-year samples used when possible)

*Career numbers because of small sample
size in recent years

(Favors means the split is +/- .020 points)

Matchup favors LHP: Markakis, Jones, Scott, Wieters, Fox, Pie

Matchup favors RHP: Lee, Reynolds, Andino, Izturis

Matchup is a push: Roberts, Guerrero

After a hot start to the season, several bats in the Baltimore lineup have cooled off. In fact, Luke Scott is the only regular starter who continues to perform at an above-average rate. On the other hand, Brian Roberts is a player who always seems to be a thorn in the Rays’

In the season’s opening series, Roberts went 4-13 and had a pair of game-changing hits. His switch-hitting ability keeps him away from a platoon split; however, the Rays will look to turn him to the right side of the plate if they can. Of his 84 career home runs, 68 of them have come against right-handed pitchers. This means Cesar Ramos will likely get
the call if Roberts comes up in a high-leverage situation.

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