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The Process Versus The Cardinals

Jake Westbrook

An extreme groundball pitcher, Westbrook is seemingly pitching better than his earned run average (5.32) suggests. In a bit of a surprise, righties are the ones doing the damage this season, but over the long haul, lefties have hit him harder.

Kyle McClellan

When the Cardinals were pondering their options after Adam Wainwright’s injury early in the season, I wrote about the possibility of McClellan moving to the rotation. Within that post, I used the Rule of 17 to translate McClellan’s relief statistics into a projection for his starting chances. I came to the conclusion that a reasonable expectation for McClellan included a 4.23 earned run average, a 15.3 percent strikeout rate, a nine percent walk rate, and a .292 batting average on balls in play. When McClellan takes the mound on Saturday, he will have a 4.02 earned run average, strikeouts in 11.8 percent of his plate appearances, walks in 7.4 percent, and a batting average on balls in play against of .266. Not too shabby.

Kyle Lohse

A groundball pitcher, Lohse is in the midst of a career season. He doesn’t strike many batters out, but he isn’t walking anyone either. Lefties have always tagged Lohse harder than righties, which is to be expected.

Pitcher Throws LHOPS RHOPS
Fernando Salas* Right .721 .631
Jason Motte* Right .835 .588
Ryan Franklin Right .694 .702
Trever Miller Left .518 .809
Mitchell Boggs Right .981 .678
Brian Tallet Left .746 .815
Lance Lynn* Right .762 .498
Raul Valdes* Left .991 .666
Ryan Theriot Right .732 .682
Jon Jay* Left .706 .803
Matt Holliday Right .894 .935
Lance Berkman Both .707 .976
Colby Rasmus* Left .680 .813
Yadier Molina Right .715 .723
Skip Schumaker Left .486 .790
Daniel Descalso* Left .401 .721
Tony Cruz* Right .311 .902
Mark Hamilton* Left .250 .433
Pete Kozma* Right .500 .556
Andrew Brown* Right .250 .444

*Career numbers

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