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The Process Versus The Indians

Same trio as last time, check out the TPVs. Indians batters from last time as well.

Josh Tomlin
When we last saw Tomlin, his earned run average sat at 2.43. Now it’s at 2.41. Frankly, I still think he is a lamb in lion’s clothing, as he has faced the Royals in three of his nine starts, with starts against the Athletics, Mariners, and Orioles sprinkled.

Carlos Carrasco
Carrasco relies on his fastball and curveball, so it’s not surprise that he struggles against right-handed batters.

Justin Masterson
The opposite of Carrasco, Masterson’s lower arm angle slices up righties, but has issues versus lefties.

Pitcher Throws LHOPS RHOPS
Chris Perez Right .744 .599
Rafael Perez Left .782 .728
Joe Smith Right .950 .581
Tony Sipp* Left .755 .718
Vinnie Pestano* Right .875 .408
Chad Durbin Right .812 .636
Justin Germano Right .701 .788

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