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The Process Versus The Mariners

Felix Hernandez

There was a time, early in Hernandez’s career, where lefties could rough him up a bit, but no longer. Righties don’t stand much of a chance either.

Jason Vargas

Vargas has struggled with lefties this season and his arsenal (a mid-to-high 80s fastball, cutter, mid-70s curve, and low-80s change) suggests he could have some reverse splits to him, but his career numbers indicate he is worse versus righties.

Doug Fister

Looking at Fister’s profile, you would think the Rays are going to knock him around like they did with Nick Blackburn and Brad Bergesen—all are groundball favoring righties. Fister is better than those two, though, and his curveball can keep lefties honest.

Erik Bedard

It’s difficult to say whether Bedard will replicate his career numbers or not, but if so, then he is a pretty neutral pitcher. It’s remarkable, but after three seasons with injuries obstructing his performance, Bedard has returned to the form that compelled Seattle to part with Adam Jones (and others) for him prior to the 2008 season beginning.

Pitcher Throws LHOPS RHOPS
Brandon League Right .757 .600
Jamey Wright Right .691 .753
David Pauley Right .655 .719
Aaron Laffey Left .693 .794
Chris Ray Right .911 .693
Jeff Gray Right .880 .769



Ichiro Suzuki Left .731 .807
Chone Figgins Switch .662 .729
Justin Smoak* Switch .712 .721
Jack Cust Left .707 .855
Franklin Gutierrez Right .819 .665
Adam Kennedy Left .653 .725
Miguel Olivo Right .790 .743
Carlos Peguero* Left .500 .572
Brendan Ryan Right .615 .655
Chris Gimenez* Right .594 .534
Luis Rodriguez Switch .622 .615
Jack Wilson Right .603 .656
Mike Wilson* Right .417 .333
Michael Saunders* Left .505 .639

*Career numbers

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