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The Process Versus The Rangers

Derek Holland

Holland throws a low-to-mid 90s fastball, but he has experienced issues with right-handed hitters because his changeup and curveball are still developing. He can carve lefties up with his heater and slider though. Supposedly, the Rangers were willing to include Holland in a package for Matt Garza, so if nothing else, consider this a sample of what the Rays could be experiencing every fifth day.

C.J. Wilson

The Rays had trouble with Wilson in the postseason last year and hopefully that changes. Not just because that means they may win, but he might complain about their willingness to play “lawyer ball” should they draw a few walks off him (or, to quote some Heater types: “New York Investor Ball”).

Colby Lewis

Load the lineup with lefties and Lewis will labor. Alliteration aside, lefties are hitting .292/.370/.515 against Lewis this season after hitting .239/.319/.374 off him in 2010.

Pitcher Throws LHOPS RHOPS
Neftali Feliz* Right .450 .521
Darren Oliver Left .632 .685
Mark Lowe Right .908 .620
Arthur Rhodes Left .482 .648
Yoshinori Tateyama* Right .667 .400
Michael Kirkman* Left .527 .696
Dave Bush Right .840 .763



Ian Kinsler Right .934 .801
Elvis Andrus* Right .654 .692
Josh Hamilton Left .819 .961
Michael Young Right .857 .774
Adrian Beltre Right .936 .753
Nelson Cruz Right .904 .920
David Murphy Left .665 .838
Yorvit Torrealba Right .685 .724
Mitch Moreland* Left .522 .921
Mike Napoli Right .987 .791
Andres Blanco Switch .625 .690
Endy Chavez Left .581 .680
Craig Gentry* Right .393 .576

*Career numbers

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