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The Process Versus The Red Sox

Tim Wakefield

Boston is coming in red-hot, as they have lost just once in June and Wakefield represents the best shot for the Rays to snatch a victory in this series. Wakefield is still floating the knuckleball out there, but his problems with right-handed hitters this season (and to a lesser degree, in recent seasons) could provide Joe Maddon with some inspiration for an unusual lineup configuration against a right-handed pitcher.

Josh Beckett

The key to Beckett’s success is a reduced home run rate. So far, he is giving up less than a half of a home run per nine innings pitched. That isn’t sustainable, and if Beckett pitches to lefties as he did last year, expect that rate to climb rapidly.

Clay Buchholz

Buchholz got off to a rough start, but posted a strong May (sparked by a 3.63 strikeout-to-walk ratio) and has carried some of that success over into June. He has all the weaponry to become a perennial front of the rotation guy, so there is a change the improvements are legitimate.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia Switch .572 .747
Jason Varitek Switch .837 .649
David Ortiz Left .676 .934
Adrian Gonzalez Left .789 .983
Jed Lowrie Switch .944 .668
Dustin Pedroia Right .805 .861
Marco Scutaro Right .761 .728
Kevin Youkilis Right 1.069 .930
Carl Crawford Left .685 .859
Darnell McDonald Right .835 .656
Mike Cameron Right .978 .732
Jacoby Ellsbury Left .749 .729
J.D. Drew Left .770 .912

Three-year samples used when possible
*Career numbers
These tables all exclude 2011 stats

(Favors means the split is +/- .020 points)
Matchup favors LHP: Saltalamacchia, Ortiz, Gonzalez, Pedroia, Crawford, Drew
Matchup favors RHP:  Ellsbury, McDonald, Youkilis, Scutaro, Varitek
Matchup is a push: N/A

(Credit to Chris St. John for the data)

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