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The Process Versus The Reds

Johnny Cueto

Cueto throws in the mid-90s and gets a ton of groundballs. Throughout his career, he has exhibited reverse splits, but this season he is getting batters of both hands out about an event amount of the time.

Mike Leake

Consider Leake the Reds pitcher the Rays are most likely to exploit. He tends to struggle with lefties, which makes sense given his stuff (a high-80s fastball, a cutter, and a plethora of other pitches).

Edinson Volquez

If Leake is the starter most likely to be exploited by the Rays, then Volquez is the starter most likely to exploit himself. Control issues limit otherwise good stuff, and have even led to a demotion earlier this season. Batters of both hands have on-base percentages over .350 against Volquez for his career.

 Pitcher Throws LHOPS RHOPS
Francisco Cordero Right .640 .685
Nick Masset Right .699 .667
Aroldis Chapman* Left .464 .607
Logan Ondrusek* Right .534 .694
Bill Bray Left .599 .721
Jose Arredondo* Right .566 .717
Sam LeCure* Right .773 .740
Carlos Fisher* Right .776 .680



Drew Stubs* Right .668 .848
Brandon Phillips Right .877 .721
Joey Votto Left .881 1.001
Jay Bruce Left .718 .837
Scott Rolen Right .884 .797
Chris Heisey* Right .597 .874
Ramon Hernandez Right .737 .732
Paul Janish* Right .664 .587
Ryan Hanigan Right .821 .728
Edgar Renteria Right .816 .627
Miguel Cairo Right .692 .704
Jonny Gomes Right .830 .745
Fred Lewis Left .639 .794


*Career numbers


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  1. […] The Rays are playing the Reds as we speak and it is scoreless going into the 4th. Not sure how pertinent this information is, but Edinson Voloquez has a high opponent OBP against the Devil Rays, as stated in this blog. […]

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