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The Process Versus Twins Hitters

Joe Mauer Left .849 .963
Drew Butera* Right .453 .591
Jason Kubel Left .663 .881
Jim Thome Left .802 .942
Justin Morneau Left .840 .959
Michael Cuddyer Right .897 .743
Alexi Casilla Switch .620 .681
Matt Tolbert Switch .708 .630
Danny Valencia* Right .967 .713
Delmon Young Right .853 .734
Jason Repko Right .553 .667
Denard Span Left .801 .739

(Three-year samples used when possible)

*Career numbers

These tables all exclude 2011 stats

(Favors means the split is +/- .020 points)
Matchup favors LHP: Mauer, Butera, Kubel, Thome, Morneau, Casilla, Repko
Matchup favors RHP:  Span, Young, Valencia, Tolbert, Cuddyer
Matchup is a push:  N/A

The Twins have little choice but to play lefty when the Rays bring in a left-hnded relievers. Their three best hitters are lefties (although Mauer is out) and so is Kubel, leaving Minnesota in an awkward position. Those guys can still hit lefties some, of course, but Cesar Ramos and Jake McGee are going to come in handy throughout the three-game series.

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