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The Qualls Rumors

By R.J. Anderson //

At least year’s deadline the Rays reportedly had interest in names like Jason Frasor, Mark Lowe, Michael Wuertz, Rafael Betancourt, and Chad Qualls. Good relief arms under contract for the remainder of the season and an additional one became the reoccurring theme. A few days before this year’s version of the trade deadline and reports have surfaced that the Rays are once again interested in Qualls.

Qualls turns 32 weeks after the deadline and currently pitches for the Arizona Diamondbacks. Though he entered the season as their closer he was removed from the position after being repeatedly firebombed. His statistics as they stand now:

35 innings
8.49 ERA
4.14 FIP
3.86 xFIP

The cause for disconnect is Qualls’ home run rate. For his career his HR/FB is an outrageous 13.2%. Qualls has never started a game despite tallying more than 440 innings, meaning that home run bug is a legitimate gripe. The oddest aspect of that skill flaw is that Qualls gets groundballs. Like, a lot of groundballs. His career rate is just shy of 60%. Interestingly enough, Qualls has always squelched his home run allowing ways versus lefties relative to righties. Normally you’d expect the opposite.

Arizona’s ballpark – where he’s spent the past three seasons – is a hitters’ paradise. StatCorner has lefties HR park factor at 115. He spent time at Minute Maid Field in Houston before being dealt to Arizona as part of the Jose Valverde deal and that park too is pretty kind to hitters (particularly righties with homers). That doesn’t excuse all of Qualls’ struggles, but given his history, he’s worth a roster spot if the Diamondbacks are overburdened with his modest salary. Considering what they just did with Dan Haren, Qualls may cost nothing but a song and assurance that the Rays will pick up the tab.

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