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The Rays & The Rule 5 Draft: Who They’ve Taken

Selection: 13
Pick: Armando Zerpa
Organization: Boston
Position: LHP
Fate: The Rays quickly sold Zerpa to the Los Angeles Dodgers in a draft day deal. (The Dodgers returned him to Boston before breaking camp). Pre-draft rumors had the Rays interested in a live arm from Washington by the name of Zechry Zinicola, but he went picks earlier to the Blue Jays. Worth noting is that Zinicola is available in this year’s draft too and could possibly step right into a big league bullpen.

Selection: Derek Rodriguez
Pick: 19
Organization: Chicago (A)
Position: RHP
Fate: A side-arming groundballer, Rodriguez went to camp with the team and had a chance to make the Opening Day bullpen. He didn’t and was returned to the White Sox in late March. Oddly enough, the Rays had three members of the 2008 White Sox’s Triple-A bullpen in their camp that spring; Rodriguez, Dewon Day, and Jason Childers.

Selection: Tim Lahey
Pick: 1
Organization: Minnesota Twins
Position: RHP
Fate: Traded to the Chicago Cubs and would return to Minnesota, but not before being claimed on waivers by the Philadelphia Phillies.

Selection: Ryan Goleski
Pick: 1
Organization: Cleveland
Position: OF
Fate: Traded immediately to the Oakland Athletics. Billy Beane returned him to Cleveland before Opening Day.

Selection: Steven Andrade
Pick: 3
Organization: Toronto
Position: RHP
Fate: Traded to the San Diego Padres, Andrade would return to the team years later as a minor league free agent.

Selection: Alec Zumwalt
Pick: 3
Organization: Atlanta
Position: RHP
Fate: Zumwalt was an outfielder-turned-pitcher coming off a strong performance in the Arizona Fall League. He sat in the low-90s with command issues and ultimately didn’t work out. Credit to outside the box thinking.

Selection: Hector Luna
Pick: 2
Organization: Cleveland
Position: INF
Fate: Luna was returned to Cleveland on Opening Day and wound up being taken in the Rule 5 draft again the following year. That time he stuck with St. Louis.

Selection: Kevin McGlinchy
Pick: 1
Organization: Atlanta
Position: RHP
Fate: Very well could be the best Rule 5 pick in franchise history. McGlinchy had previous success in the majors, but injuries and attrition wiped him out before he ever made an appearance for the Rays.

Selections: Chad Ogea, Chris Reitsma
Picks: 4, 17
Organizations: Detroit, Boston
Position: RHP
Fate: Neither made an appearance for the Rays.

Selection: David Lamb
Pick: 2
Organization: Baltimore
Position: INF
Fate: The only Rule 5 pick from the Rays who ever appeared in a regular season game with the team just so happened to be the first. He didn’t play too well, though, hitting .226/.284/.306 in 134 plate appearances.

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