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The Return

Exactly one year after announcing “The End” of The Process Report, we are happy to announce “The Return.”

First, we want to thank everyone for their continued support of The Process Report even though the site has remained largely dormant for the past 12 months. In fact, the support we received over the break is what largely made us consider the comeback.

Second, we wish to give you a little information on what to expect. Not much will change in terms of editorial content, but gone are the daily game recaps and the forumulated previews that consumed much of our time the first go around.On the other hand, you can expect frequent, informed articles pertaining, but not limited to: game-related happenings, individual player analysis, select roster-related items, managerial decisions (on-field and front office), etc. in both long and short-form.

We make no promises on how long we will be able to keep things going, or how frequently we will be updating, but the goal is to make a full(er)time comeback with multiple posts a week. Because of this, we advise all to sign up for email notification of new content.

At this time, we would also like to announce the addition of Joel Kennedy-Ramos (@Ramedy on Twitter) to the staff.

Thanks again, and should good process continue to lead us to good result.

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