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This Too Shall Pass

There is a lot of finger pointing going on in the ether as to why the Rays are struggling out of the gate. Is it the hitting? Is it the pitching? Is it the inability to hit with the bases loaded? The truth lies somewhere in between all of that but one of the narratives that has popped up is two-out pitching. Currently, the Rays have allowed 27 of their 44 runs on the season in two-out situations. Historically, this is how that 61 percent figure stacks up against previous seasons for the Rays:


At that pace, the Rays would allow 547 runs in 2013, which would eclipse the previous high mark set in 1999 by 191 runs.  Simply put, this yet another example of small sample size noise from the early season and something that will undoubtedly regress in the coming weeks.

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