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Three Random Thoughts

Thoughts that don’t merit their own pieces.

  • Back in early May, Jake McGee appeared in two games against the Blue Jays and allowed home runs in both. Since then—and yes, this is a selective endpoint—McGee has appeared 50 times and tallied 14 more strikeouts than baserunners allowed. He remains a one-pitch pitcher, yet even if he did have a dependable secondary offering, it should not usurp his fastball as pitch of choice—not while he can win most strength-versus-strength contests. One interesting ramification from McGee’s early-season struggles: His ERA+ remains below the league-average; that might cost him money this winter when he becomes arbitration eligible through Super Two status. Still, save for the first month, McGee has enjoyed an excellent season.
  • Yunel Escobar’s offensive outburst has him up to a 100 OPS+, giving the Rays 10 players with 100 or more plate appearances and league-average or better production.
  • Adam Sobsey posted the second part of his interview with Chris Gimenez. Within Gimenez discusses the psychological parts about catching and drops a Major League II reference about Kirby Yates. Gimenez is likely no more than a third catcher for the Rays, but his thoughtful answers explain why Joe Maddon and the Rays pitchers enjoy working with him.