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Three Reasons Jason Bartlett Might Bring Back More Than Anticipated

1) The shortstop market is barren.

Courtesy of MLB Trade Rumors:

Orlando Cabrera (36) – Type B
Juan Castro (39)
Craig Counsell (40)
Bobby Crosby (31)
Adam Everett (34)
Cristian Guzman (33)
Jerry Hairston Jr. (35)
Cesar Izturis (31)
Derek Jeter (37) – Type A
Julio Lugo (35)
Nick Punto (33)
Edgar Renteria (34)
Miguel Tejada (37) – Type A
Juan Uribe (31) – Type B

A few of those players are barely shortstops and none of them is too outstanding. There are one, maybe two players who are legitimately better choices than Jason Bartlett on a one-year deal; and really, that is what Bartlett is on unless his next team decides to give him an extension.

2) Bartlett projects as a Type A free agent

This is a new development on my end. I’ve been under the assumption he would only demand Type B compensation. While there is no guarantee Bartlett will retain Type A status after next season, the concept of potentially getting a first round pick (as well as a supplemental pick) if/when Bartlett signs with another team next offseason should raise his present trade value.

3) Supply and demand

Potential suitors off the dome:


Four of those teams figure to be near/at contender status next season (CIN, STL, SFG, and SDP). Baltimore will probably settle for re-signing Cesar Izturis and Houston for Jeff Keppinger. San Diego has Evereth Cabrera, Cincinnati Paul Janish, and St. Louis Brendan Ryan. None are illustrious options. Who knows what exactly the Rays will look for in return for Bartlett; whether it be a major league ready contributor in the bullpen (like the Akinori Iwamura deal), a ready bat (like the Edwin Jackson deal, or a prospect (like the Jason Hammel deal) is anyone’s guess; regardless, each of those teams has a fit or two.

At the end of the day, that’s four contending teams looking to upgrade with minimal alternatives on the free agent and trade market. It’s like musical chairs, someone is going to be left out. For the Rays’ sake, here’s hoping someone gets overly aggressive about securing their chair.

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