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Time on Field

While watching the Bolts game, I heard the term “percent of time on the ice” and it sprung an idea: Who leads the Rays in percentage of time on the field? To test it out, I took the total innings played by the Rays and their players, and did some simple division and multiplication. Here is everyone at one percent and higher:

Name Innings %/Total
Ben Zobrist 417.2 10.6
B.J. Upton 394.2 10.1
Sam Fuld 366.1 9.3
Matthew Joyce 366.2 9.3
Casey Kotchman 282.1 7.2
Reid Brignac 278.2 7.1
John Jaso 241 6.1
Sean Rodriguez 236.2 6
Evan Longoria 197.1 5
Kelly Shoppach 194.2 5
Dan Johnson 148.1 3.8
Elliot Johnson 150 3.8
Felipe Lopez 142 3.6
James Shields 76.2 1.9
David Price 69.1 1.8
Wade Davis 63 1.6
Jeremy Hellickson 57.1 1.5
Johnny Damon 55 1.

The obvious caveat with this data is that it only looks at defense, so Johnny Damon is penalized for being the designated hitter—hence why he shows up lower than the non-Jeff Niemann portions of the rotation. Manny Ramirez, for those interested, indeed finished at 0.0 percent. Too bad.

Anyways, that’s it. No deeper point here, just a trivial thing.


  1. Chris St. John wrote:

    Could you add in a constant multiplier for pitches seen to account for offense?

  2. Chris St. John wrote:

    Of course, then you would have to add in time spent on base, etc. Hm.

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